Useful keybinds for quick math editting.

Key Press Action
Ctrl + Shift + D Duplicate Math line
Ctrl + Shift + UP/DOWN Quickly move the current Math line up or down
Ctrl + Space Switch from Math mode to Text mode
Ctrl + Backspace Quick delete Math line
Shift + Enter Insert a new line of opposite type (math to line and vice versa)

A new way to solve calculations -
saved to the cloud.



Scratch is an online formula editor that offers an intuitive user-friendly interface allowing users to easily complete, organize, save, and share their work.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    The platform provides a clean open workspace with intuitive and fast keyboard shortcuts that make writing and editing formulas much faster than pencil and paper.

  • Save

    All work completed on the platform is automatically stored safely in the cloud for easy access.

  • Share

    Every document is available to print or you may copy and paste your work into your school or institution’s homework portal.